Facilities Planning – Associate Director

Functional Area:

This officer is located at the Asia Headquarters, handles regional works and interfaces with regional offices constantly. In addition to appropriate j ob skills and adequate experience, the manager must have strong communication skills, both verbal and written. He/she is expected to lead projects and reports across various countries of different backgrounds.

This manager reports to the Director / Regional Director in Hong Kong . Together with the Director, Regional Director and other managers, they form the core team in the headquarters office, providing guidance and leadership for the operating level. This manager and each of the managers in the core team is assigned a portfolio of countries, and is accountable for the performance of his/her portfolio. In each of the countries within the portfolio, there is a local operating team that manages the portfolio on a day-to-day basis. Hence, this manager must have managerial experience.



Essentially, this is a Corporate Real Estate position, in which the manager manages the real estate portfolio from the tenant's perspectives. The role of the manager is expected to lead the preparation of strategic occupancy plan and review/approve lease transaction and involve in supervising projects and facility management. He/She will provide professional guidance and direction to local real estate office; analyze the facility portfolio with a primary objective to reduce business units' costs and enhance service level for business operations; co-ordinate with senior management, resolve conflicts and facilitate training to local teams.

Other projects are to set up new offices, real estate team structure for new companies, review/approve related tenders, formulate strategies on migration planning and re-stacking.

Depending on the assigned portfolio and its mix, his/her focus will vary from overall facilities planning against dynamic/changing plans, planning-focused management against activity-focused management, reviewing or approving transactions against direct lease negotiation. The challenge is to cultivate our local real estate teams to deliver real estate operations while aligning business objectives.

From time to time the manager's portfolio will be adjusted to reflect changes in the company's growth pattern, business requirements, talent pool as well as the nature of the projects.


Duties and responsibilities:

  • Manage the preparation of Strategic Occupation Plan (SOP) and the execution of the approved recommendations at each location.
  • Supervise, manage, select, review and train his/her staff.
  • Manage projects from conceptual to completion; ensure that all service contracts are cost effective.
  • Lead and monitor major lease negotiations and major fit-out projects.
  • Provide periodical lease audits and lease transaction audits.
  • Maintain clean and clear transaction files, as well as updated database for his portfolio.
  • Devise and implement cost-saving programs.
  • Benchmark service levels and occupancy costs to market.
  • Establish, maintain and update space standards for each of his portfolio.
  • Review and manage facility management programs for each location.



  • Approving transactions and recommending for management's approval those beyond his authority.
  • Approving budgets and recommending for management's approval those beyond his authority.
  • Select, hire and review his staff.


Key Measuring Parameters :

1. High degree of initiative in approaching projects.

2. The ability to:

  • Complete projects with quality, on time, within budgets and with minimal supervision.
  • Manage the real estate portfolio more cost effectively year by year.
  • Motivate, lead, supervise, train and develop his team.
  • Solve problems creatively, with new ideas, new methods and/ or new procedures.
  • Plan, set priorities and organize work efficiently.
  • Communicate his thoughts, expressed his ideas and present his ideas.
  • Produce decisions quickly and objectively from different alternatives.
  • Maintain and upkeep records that can be shared by peer managers.


Candidate Specifications:

  • University graduates in real estate, estate management, and business administration with appropriate training and experience in Corporate Real Estate.
  • A minimum of 8-12 years combined experience from 2 of the followings: consultancy firms, developers, Property Management Company and corporate real estate services.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Multiple language ability preferred.
  • Fluent in popular PC software.


Please send your CV to search@goldcrestconsultants.com

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